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Amazon Advertising offers certifications that allow advertisers and marketing professionals to validate their proficiency in specific topics. Individuals who successfully pass an Amazon Advertising Certification Assessment will earn an Amazon Advertising digital certification badge for that topic. You may choose certifications by topic or level to meet your business and professional goals. You can prepare for the Certification Assessments by completing self-paced training online.


Any Amazon Advertising customer may earn an Amazon Advertising Certification. Here are the benefits of Amazon Advertising Certification:

  • Validate your knowledge. Demonstrate your level of knowledge and experience when you pass a Certification Assessment and receive a digital badge.
  • Highlight your proficiency. Share your badges with colleagues and clients in your email signature and social network.
  • Stay up to date. Be among the first to learn of new courses, webinars, and new certifications through the Amazon Advertising Certification monthly newsletter.

To earn your certification, you must enroll in and successfully pass a Certification Assessment. Find the certifications available to you on the home page under Get certified, or by browsing the topic Certifications.


To pass a Certification Assessment, you must receive a score of 80% or higher. You will have 120 minutes to complete the assessment. If you do not pass, you will receive a breakdown of how you performed per competency. You can retake the assessment after 24 hours, which gives you time to review the optional course material in the learning path and assessments results to see which topics to revisit. Once you start the assessment, you will not be able to pause the timer. Submit your answers before time is up to avoid automatic failure.

Certification expiration

Digital certification badges will expire one year from the date of award. Once your badge expires you will need to retake and pass the Certification Assessment to renew your certification.

Available languages

Amazon Advertising Certifications are currently available in Arabic, English, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, and Simplified Chinese.