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Welcome to Amazon Advertising's learning console, where you can gain advertising knowledge, skills, and certifications to help grow your business. We'd like to take a moment to introduce you to the learning console's features and navigation. Let's get started by ensuring your profile settings are correct.

Update your profile

To update your profile, click on the profile icon at the top right and choose My Profile, then click on Edit profile.


We encourage you to fill out as many details as you can so we can provide you with relevant learning opportunities.

Choose your location

Some of our content and certifications may vary by location, so it's important that you choose the country that you conduct business in. If you conduct business in multiple countries, you can change this selection at any time, either in your profile settings or by using the location selector in the header.

Please note that certification awards are specific to the country selected.

Language selection (for Events only)

At this time, our course content and certifications are offered in English, with some courses available in Japanese and Simplified Chinese. However, you may notice that you can choose other languages from the location selector:

Location selector

We do offer virtual events in these additional languages, so you are able to update this selection to access those at any time.

Find courses that matter to you

Once your profile is complete, it's time to explore the learning console. You will find a selection of suggested courses on the home page, you can browse topics, or use the search bar. Let's look at these options more closely.

The Topics section on top navigation bar will allow you to quickly browse and find courses by topic, such as advertising overview, sponsored ads, or Stores.

Hero image

You can also use that search bar at the top of the screen to search our catalog of courses. Try searching for a keyword, such as budget, or a product name, like Sponsored Brands. New courses are added regularly.

Under Get certified, you'll find learning paths with suggested courses that can help you earn Amazon Advertising certifications.

Get certified

Complete a course

Once you launch a course, you can take your time in reviewing each section and participating in all the activities. To exit a course and save your progress, simply click the X at the top left of your screen. Your progress will be saved. You can reopen the course at any time and click Resume.

Once you complete all course activities and read through to the end, your course will be marked complete. You can review the material in the future by clicking Review.

There are no requirements for completing courses in order to take other courses. If you see multiple courses in one path, you can opt to participate in any or all, but we do suggest you follow the given order.

If you wish to attempt a foundational certification, the courses are provided as suggested study aides. However, they do not need to be completed to attain certification. Certifications are awarded based on assessment results only. There are some certifications that do require you to attain a foundational certification first, and this is noted on each certification's page.

Get help and provide feedback

If you have any questions along your way, please visit the Help and feedback section located in the footer. You will find additional information about certifications, an FAQ section, and a feedback form.

You're ready to go!

Simply click the home icon on the top to return to the catalog page.