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Guest-speaker webinars are live events where a second speaker is invited as a presenter. Our guests experts will provide you with best practices and insights that will allow you to increase your sponsored ads knowledge and achieve your goals.

The holiday season is right around the corner and we want to help you meet the goals you’ve set for your brand. In this exclusive webinar, a guest speaker will share tips on using Sponsored Brands and Stores to engage holiday shoppers—and take you through how to build a Q4 strategy that helps drive conversions.

In this video, we cover how Sponsored Brands fits into the marketing funnel, show you how to help maximize engagement with Sponsored Brands and Stores, and finish with a framework to help you build a successful Q4 strategy.

Name: Aaron Gooden

Position: Associate Director, Marketplace Search at Tinuiti

Bio: Associate Director for the Amazon Marketplace with over 10 years in Retail customer service experience and merchandising at a store and division-wide level, training & development of programs, and developing innovative strategies for roll out initiatives.