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Learn about creatives and policies

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  • Identify core policies for sponsored ads

    In this course, you will learn to: - Ensure your sponsored ads meet Amazon Ads’ core policies for copy, promotions, claims, image guidelines, and brand name and logo - Follow Amazon Ads’ product acceptability guidelines for prohibited and restricted products...

    • Duration 10m
    • Rating 4.9
    • Beginner
  • Build consistent brand content with creative assets

    In this course you will learn about the benefits and features of creative assets, a new application available to advertisers in the Advertising Console. Creative assets enables advertisers to provide a consistent shopping experience by easily storing, organizing, and re-using...

    • Duration 20m
    • Rating 4.8
    • Beginner
  • Optimize your campaigns and creatives

    Adjusting your campaigns and creatives based on insights can help improve your campaigns. In this course, you'll learn how to create campaigns more efficiently with bulk operations, test creative variations, and use insights to help optimize campaign performance. 

    • Duration 23m
    • Rating 4.9
    • Beginner